Karli Fortin

  • Agent License: REALTOR®

About Karli Fortin

Meet Karli Ann, a dynamic individual whose journey in the professional world has been marked by resilience, entrepreneurship, and a passion for real estate and assisting people in big transitional times. With 4 years of dedicated service as a real estate agent, Karli has showcased an unwavering commitment to helping clients find their dream homes and make big moves into their next chapter of life..

Prior to venturing into real estate, Karli spent 15 years as both an employee and self-employed plumber, eventually establishing a reputable business known as Grace Point Plumbing. Notably, the pinnacle of Karli’s plumbing career involved successfully securing and completing hotel renovation contracts, showcasing a blend of technical expertise and project management skills.

In addition to excelling in the plumbing industry, Karli Ann is a seasoned homeowner with a flair for renovation. Having bought and personally renovated three houses, Karli has a keen eye for transforming neglected properties into warm and inviting homes. This hands-on experience has also translated into a successful 15-year tenure as a landlord and the management of five thriving short-term rentals.

Away from the hustle of the professional world, Karli Ann finds solace in gardening, cycling, running, and kite surfing, and enjoys the company of her dogs and chickens on a picturesque riverfront property. This idyllic piece of land was a meaningful acquisition, marking Karli’s 37th birthday celebration—a testament to personal success in the real estate industry.

Remarkably, Karli embarked on the path of hard work and self-sufficiency at the age of 15 after making the decision to leave high school. This early start laid the foundation for a career marked by determination, innovation, and a genuine love for both property and people.

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