Fear, sadness, and relief are all part of the property selling journey. How do you ensure that you maximize the latter emotion and minimize the former two? Choose an advocate you trust. RE/MAX agents sell the most real estate in the world, so it makes sense to choose to market your home with us. We are at the top of our field in traditional real estate marketing savvy and technological advancement, meaning your property will get the best promotion possible both on and off the web.

Before your home even goes up for sale, your RE/MAX agent will make suggestions based on current home design and staging practices to help your home sell. She/he might even make landscaping recommendations to improve your curb appeal and make your home stand out amongst other listings on your street. Should you choose to follow your agent’s recommendations, it’s very likely that your home will sell faster and for a better price than if it weren’t correctly staged and prepared for sale.

What does it come down to? Viewing your property as you would if you were a potential buyer. This will involve taking a good look at your home with the fresh perspective of someone who doesn’t see it every day. It could be helpful to ask a trustworthy and straightforward friend to tell it like it is: what’s good about the exterior/interior and what needs work? This exercise might reveal some interesting facts.

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